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Carpet Cleaning Capalaba offers fully insured, award-winning, and high-quality rug cleaning services at surprising prices. Our rug cleaning Capalaba team specializes in all types of rug cleaning services. Identifying the type of rug is very important before starting the cleaning process. Extensive knowledge of our rug cleaning experts helps them in rug identification. This further lets our team follow the right direction for cleaning your rug. 

So, if you are looking for a rug cleaning company that can assure you premium-quality rug cleaning services then you are at the right landing page. You are free to contact us 24*7, we are always available. 

The Types Of Rugs That We Clean

Our company cleans all types and all brands of rugs. Whether you need us to clean high-class shag piles, polypropylene rugs, Persians, or woolen oriental rugs, we got you covered. Do not worry, our rug cleaning experts give attention to detail and ensure the safety of your expensive rugs. They are very well-educated and have the skills to handle rug cleaning for all kinds of rugs. So, if you are looking for versatile rug cleaners then we are the ones to call. 

Our Rug Cleaning Procedure For Deep Cleaning 

Step 1: Inspection By Our Experts

Our very first step in our rug cleaning process is a thorough assessment of your rug. First of all, we take measurements of your rugs and perform a colour dye test. After that we look for any already existing issues in your rug that helps us stay focused. 

Step 2: Significant Soil Removal

Our company uses a pile cleaner which is the best vacuum cleaning equipment in the industry. This powerful equipment completely eliminates the soil from the outer surface and loosens the soil that is deeply embedded in the inner surface. 

Step 3: Proficient Rug Cleaning

Here begins that rug washing process. In this step, we keep your rug in a special rug bath solution. After that, we use our exquisite roller to massage your rug gently. We make sure to wash both sides of your rug using our field-proven rotary machine. Moreover, we use a very effective nourishing solution for the nourishment of your rug fabric. 

Step 4: Rapid Water Extraction

People choose our rug cleaning company over others because of our rug drying process. Our company dries your rug using centrifuge machinery. This machinery completely eliminates the moisture from your rug within only 4 minutes. Our machine also rinses your rug so that there is no residue left.   

Step 5: Deodorisation And Sanitisation

We then eliminate all the odours from your rug using our ultimate deodorizers. Moreover, to ensure that your rug no longer has any bacteria, we also sanitize your rug. 

Step 6: The Final Test

Then we will do a final test of the rug. We only hand over the rug to the customers once we are happy with the results. This is because we want complete customer satisfaction. 

Pet Urine On Rug? Do Not Worry! Hire Us!

Your pets often pee on your rugs which leave a big stain. However, there is nothing to worry about pet urine anymore. Because we offer urine treatments as well. Moreover, apart from urine stains, our team can remove all kinds of rug stains as well. We have a specially manufactured eco-friendly stain removal solution that can combat all types of stains. Whether your rug has:

  • Grease and oil stains
  • Chewing gum stains and gum stains
  • Slime stains
  • Food spill stains
  • Water stain 
  • Wine and any other drink stain
  • Bloodstains
  • Pet urine stains
  • Tea and coffee stains
  • Pet feces stains
  • Or chocolate stains, you can rely on us for effective stain removal treatment. 

Need Affordable Rug Cleaners? Ring Us Up!

Do you need a rug cleaning professional on a budget? Carpet Cleaning Capalaba is the solution to your budget issues. Our team works in an efficient manner. Therefore, our services are available to all our Capalaba clients at affordable prices. We know that rug replacement can be highly expensive. 

This is where a professional rug cleaning service comes in handy. Through professional cleaning, you can have your rug back in its original condition. So, if right now, you are not willing to pay a ton of money for a rug replacement. Then you should reach out to us to get a quality rug cleaning service on a budget. 

Get Our Other Affordable And High Quality Services

We Offer Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

Do you want all the rug cleaning chemicals to be safe for you or your family’s health? Well, our company pays attention to all the safety protocols. We use only eco-friendly measures of rug cleaning. Yes, our rug cleaning solutions will not harm your health in any way. 

All the solutions we use are non-toxic, kid-friendly, as well as pet-friendly. So, stop procrastinating your rug cleaning. By not getting a professional rug cleaning service, you are creating an unhealthy environment on your property. Book us today. 

Merits Of Booking Us For Rug Cleaning 

  • 24*7 Rug Cleaning: Rug cleaning is an emergency. You can be in the need of a professional rug cleaner at any time. Therefore, we are available to help you out 24*7. 
  • Top-notch Professionals: The professionals in our team offer quality services because they have plenty of experience, education, and training in this field. 
  • Follow-Up Services: We will answer all your requests even after the services. You can trust us. 

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